3 Best Live Streaming Platforms for Churches

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When it comes to the best live streaming platforms for churches, there are many different options that can connect your live stream to your online audience. However, the vast majority of churches stick with three main options for church live streaming: Church Online Platform, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live. In this article, we’ll explore the three best live streaming platforms to see why they’re the top choices for churches.

When it comes to these options – you don’t have to choose only one to stream to! Simulcast to all three using the ChurchLab church live streaming platform.

Church Online Platform via Embeds

The Best Church Live Streaming Platform for Prayer, Online Engagement, and Ministry

When it comes to doing ministry online, there is no better option than Church Online Platform. A free service of Life.Church, it’s a fantastic platform for viewers to join your church service. The major strength of Church Online Platform is it’s volunteer management, live chat, and online prayer features. Any church that wants to move beyond simple online viewership to online ministry can benefit from Church Online Platform.

While it has a great feature set, Church Online Platform requires for you to bring your own live stream via an embed code. You can get an embed code – and more – that work great with Church Online Platform, your church website from a church streaming platform like ChurchLab.

YouTube Live

The Best Church Live Streaming Platform for Chat & Smart TVs

YouTube Live has become one of the best church live streaming platforms available. With it’s large user base for videos, it is a great place for viewers to watch church live streams. YouTube offers a great array of features, including excellent tools for live chat, viewer metrics. One of YouTube’s strongest advantages over other social streaming platforms is the wide availability of it’s app on streaming boxes and smart TVs.

Facebook Live

The Best Church Live Streaming Platform for Older Audiences

Facebook Live was one of the first social-media based church live streaming platforms. When it released in 2016, it allowed churches of every size to reach their Facebook audience with live streaming. Today, it has added a range of features that include live stream scheduling, customization of branding, and viewer interaction in the comments.

Over time, Facebook has shown to have some challenges for churches. Many report regular stream interruptions for copyright violations, problems with the complicated events system and inaccurate metrics. Even with those caveats, Facebook Live can be worth simulcasting to alongside YouTube Live and your church website if you have an older online audience or large Facebook following.

Simultaneously Stream The Best Church Live Streaming Platforms, Easily

With all of these options having excellent advantages to your church – you don’t have to choose just one to stream to. Give your users a choice of what platform to watch on using multi-streaming with ChurchLab. This ensures users can still join your church service online, even if one of the platforms is unavailable or experiencing an outage.

YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Church Online Platform are the best choices for churches looking to live stream their services. Every platform offers something different for users, and online viewers have preferences on which one they will prefer to use. Simulcasting to one or all of these platforms, via a church live streaming platform like ChurchLab, helps churches reach a wider audience with all of the available options.